What Diet is the Best for Weight Loss?

9 Feb

I know you clicked on this link really hoping I would tell you Keto, Paleo or the Taco Diet is best.

Unfortunately, the answer is not so cut and dry (it’s definitely not the Taco diet, sorry). There have been countless studies to determine which diet resulted in the most weight loss, both short and long term, and there’s been many different outcomes and answers.

The only diet that consistently shows positive outcomes in research is the Mediterranean diet, but it’s associated with more of a “healthy” weight, not necessarily achieving abs of steel.

I had many patients come into my office crying that weight watchers worked for them for a few months and then they either couldn’t keep the weight off or they stopped losing. I’ve had some patients come in and do my detox and plan and drop 35 pounds and keep it off for 2 year while some struggle with any loss at all with the same exact plan. Why? Because we’re all different!

Women tend to be trickier then men because we always have hormones that work against us. Think of all major events in a women’s life and how weight gain is at the heart of it. Puberty, pregnancy, menopause. Fat,fat,fat is probably what comes to your mind. I know for me, puberty, pregnancy and breastfeeding all came with bigger boobs and hips then I ever wanted. Why? Hormones! Some hormones tell the body to become a fat storing machine and you have very little control over that. Our hormones can also cause a lot of weight fluctuating as well. You may step on the scale in the morning and see 130 and go on at night to find 138. Did you gain 8 pounds of fat in 12 hours? Unlikely…you can thank your hormones.

Men, on the other hand, seem to go through major changes of life without any cellulite as a battle scar. They have testosterone to thank for that.

Men or women will equally have a tough time dropping pounds if their cortisol (your body’s major stress hormone) is high, if their insulin is elevated or if their thyroid function is off.

You have to really be very detailed about the kind of diet you do with each scenario. For some, a Keto Diet will just not be successful while others are bragging about their 20 pound loss in weeks.

The point is it depends on you and your body. This is why working with someone is so important!! Nutrition is an evolving science. No one really knows anything for sure , unless of course they’re selling you a book. Then they’ve suddenly uncovered the answers to weight loss that most scientists and researchers haven’t pinpointed. In case you haven’t picked up on it, I’m being sarcastic

So do what feels good for your body, and if you’re really struggling get help from a board certified or licensed nutritionist! And please stop comparing yourself to your neighbor or friend and if you’re a woman definitely don’t compare your weight loss with your husbands because it may be grounds for divorce.


If you can’t say something nice, shut up.

25 Jun

When it comes to pregnant women, anyway. I have had no shortage of stupid comments about anything from my weight to how horrible labor is. I have had all reactions to these people from smiling politely and moving on with my life to telling them to go to hell.

When I finally started telling people I was pregnant at work, I was 18 weeks. I had a work event with doctors that week and I had decided to wear a tight wrap dress that showed off my, then little, bump. An OBGYN that was at the event (you’d think someone who does this for a living knows better) asked me how far along I was, and then stopped me before I could answer and asked that I let him guess. I stared at him blankly as he reviewed my stomach, which every woman LOVES when people to do to them, and asserted that I was 20 weeks. I could feel the people sitting next to him cringing, trying desperately to send him telepathic messages to just shut up.

I thanked him for calling me fat and told I’m actually 18 weeks and walked away.

But it’s really been women that have had the stupid comments much more than men. Even more surprising, is a lot of these women have gone through pregnancy themselves and seem eager, even excited, to make you super nervous about labor, weight gain and body changes.

An older neighbor of mine had no problem calling me chubby every time I walked by. Maybe in her days of the civil war it was cute to call pregnant women chubby…not so much today. Once I flipped her off she stopped. It wasn’t my proudest moment but I was really getting tired of being called fat every time my thighs clapped by her.

Another woman at the gym I go to asked me when I was due, to which I replied September. “Oh my god, you have all summer? It’s going to be so hard you’re going to be miserable.”

Thanks, bitch.

Then there was last week, when upon me leaving my step class a woman ran after me and said, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t even recognize you!” Why, in god’s name, did you need to chase down a pregnant woman who was paying you no mind only to tell her how different, which I’ll interpret as large, I look?

Thanks, bitch.

Turns out I’m not alone. Lots of pregnant women I’ve spoken to have had people ask them if they’re having twins (MAJOR NO-NO), bluntly ask them how much they’ve gained and tell them how they’re having a girl because their face looks “different” aka like shit.

Look, some pregnant women look fat, some look too thin. Sometimes their faces change, sometimes they look even more radiant. Every pregnancy is truly different I cannot stress that enough. I’ve never spoken to a pregnant or post-pregnant women who had the same experience. For me, even though I’m gaining more than I’d love to, I’ve also been able to maintain an intense workout routine. Lots of women only gain 20 pounds (cough, bitches, cough) but have an array of terrible symptoms.

One thing all pregnant women have in common is that they are a little more emotional and sensitive and do not need your bullshit negative comments. Furthermore, first-time moms DO NOT need to know how many stitches your vagina needed after childbirth. Keep that shit to yourself.

Either say nothing more than congrats or a compliment would be nice. But if you really can’t find it in your tiny heart to say something nice because the pregnant woman before you truly looks like a troll, then just say NOTHING.



In all honesty, I think any pregnant woman looks beautiful and I always have thought that even prior to baby Fusco taking over my life. They are literally creating and carrying another human in their uterus that has taken over the main control system of their bodies. Maybe we don’t look like we can walk the runway anytime soon (something about an overly heated, swollen woman with a Buddha belly in heels doesn’t say sexy), but what we’re doing is beautiful in it’s own. If you’re a beautiful person, you’ll see the beauty in others. If you’re an ugly mutant…well…


So to all my pregnant ladies out there I have this advice – don’t be afraid to tell someone to f!*k off! That’s right. If they want to be “honest” then you should too. I guarantee they’ll never have another stupid comment again. If a man asks you how much you weigh ask him how big his penis is. Doesn’t feel too great to share does it?
My point is surround yourself with positivity and people who will help you get through the most complicated 9 months of your life and just ignore everyone else. Your experience is your own and just because someone who has been pregnant once or twice before tells you about how horrible her experience was it doesn’t mean that yours will be. Or maybe it will be just as bad, but it’s too late to get nervous now anyway so let’s just enjoy the ride!







Can Being Healthy Also Be Easy?

19 May

In an ideal world, yes.

So many patients and friends ask me how much it will cost them to have me come to their house and cook their meals for them. While I’m tempted to charge an insane amount of money and just spend my days going house to house cooking, I realistically do not have the man power to do so. But it makes me wonder what makes these people so desperate to pay any amount of money to have someone make healthy food for them. I realize that these people are just so busy with everything else going on in their life whether it be taking care of kids, working 12 hour days or working on their sick selfie game.

While I’m just as busy as the next person, health is a priority to me so it doesn’t feel like something extra to add-on. But ask me to start keeping a budget or tracking my finances and I will freak out and likely pay someone else a week’s salary to do it for me.


So I get it. It can feel totally overwhelming to start thinking about shopping, cooking and cleaning which are all involved when you start taking control of your health and making your own food. But it just takes baby steps, like anything else in else. I have had MANY patients come into my office for the first time and do not know how to boil an egg. By the middle to end of our sessions together, they are equipped to make chicken, fish, and even rice by themselves.

I am including 4 tips to get started and become the next Bobby Flay in no time. Or at least not the worst cook in America 😉

  1. Start with Grains. Grains are a great way to get started because you can make them in bulk and they are always your go-to staple. The golden rule is always a 2:1 ratio, 2 being the liquid and 1 being the uncooked grain. For example, if I am making 1 cup of uncooked rice, I will use 2 cups of liquid. You bring the liquid (water or low-sodium broth) to a boil and than add the grain. You then lower the flame to a simmer AKA as low as the flame will go without shutting off and cover the pot. Quinoa, white rice or kasha will take about 15-20 minutes, brown rice can take up to 40 minutes. DO NOT TOUCH! Any stirring or peeking can cause the grain to be rubbery.
  2. Marinate Your Proteins. Marinating protein such as chicken and fish can not only help your protein to stay fresher for longer in the fridge, but will also help keep your meat tender and tasty. Don’t worry about all these chefs, who cook for a living, and make these crazy sauces and marinades. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Just pick your favorite spices, olive oil and lemon and throw into a large freezer bag with your proteins and mix in the Ziploc (with the Ziploc bag SEALED don’t get raw chicken on your face you’ll never come back from that). Place it in the fridge for anywhere from 2 hours to overnight and you’re ready to get cooking. Bonus Tip: when cooking your proteins, bake them in the oven with baking sheets for easy clean up and easy cooking. You’ll get a good chicken recipe at the bottom of this article.
  3. Go Frozen. Fresh veggies will always taste better, but the next best thing is frozen. You can often get organic, frozen veggies cheaper than you would pay for fresh and they are a lot easier to work with. Since frozen veggies are picked at their peak, you don’t have to worry about missing out on vitamins and minerals. This is a go-to for myself and my busiest patients. All you have to do is steam them or boil them, or honestly I will throw them right into a sauté pan because I am the most impatient person you have ever met. As long as it tastes good and you’re meeting your daily veggie quota of 5 servings a day, it’s fine!
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail.  When I became gluten-free I tried to create everything from bread to pizza to pancakes. Sometimes they were outstanding, sometimes they were mediocre at best, and sometimes they were outright awful. The first time I made gluten-free biscuits I swear to you the kids on the block could’ve used them to play hockey. But I never gave up. I kept using different ingredients and recipes until I found what worked and what didn’t. Don’t be afraid to over-cook your cook, under-cook your salmon or make shitty broccoli. Learn from it and try again.


So that’s it!! Those are 4 easy tips to make your life easier when it comes to cooking. Because I have faith in you, I am including a recipe I made earlier this week for chicken kabob and rice. Please let me know how they come out if you try it!!

Yogurt Chicken Kabob and Rice

Approx. 4-6 servings (good for leftovers)


-Skewer sticks

-2 lbs skinless chicken cutlets, cut into cubes

-1 red onion and 1 zucchini cut into slices


1/2 tsp cumin

2 tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp coriander

2 tsp tumeric

1 tsp black pepper

2 tsp salt

-5 minced garlic cloves

-4 ounces of low-fat greek yogurt

-2 TBSP Tahini

-1/4 c. olive oil (give or take)

-juice of 2 lemons

-2 cups of organic, unsalted chicken broth

-1/2 TBSP butter

-1 c. white basmati rice


  1. Place chicken into a large Ziploc freezer bag. Add spices, yogurt, tahini and garlic. Secure the ziploc and mix together. Leave in the fridge 2 hours-overnight. If you are in a hurry, then just cook it right then and there.
  2. In the meantime, bring broth to a boil. Add in rice and butter, cover and reduce to a simmer.
  3. Pre-Heat oven to 375. Using parchment paper, or foil, line 1-2 baking pans. Use a cooking spray to ensure chicken won’t stick.
  4. Start threading your skewers with in this order: onion, zucchini, chicken until skewer is 3/4 full…do not overcrowd the skewer. You’ll get about 7 skewers with this method give or take.
  5. Bake in oven for approx. 15-20 minutes depending on thickness of your chicken. I always take it out after 15 minutes and cut a thick slice  in half to see if it’s done. DO NOT EAT RAW CHICKEN!!! IT SHOULD BE JUICY AND WHITE NO PINK!



Oh, right. You get fat when you’re pregnant.

11 May

When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t even believe it. I dropped to my knees in complete awe. I hadn’t had issues getting pregnant; my husband Nunzio and I weren’t even officially “trying.” But between my Hashimoto’s and sporadic periods I thought for sure I would have problems. One week prior to finding out I was pregnant, I actually suggested to Nunzio that we go to a fertility clinic.

He looked up at me from his phone (he was probably googling “how to cope when you married a lunatic”) and asked why.

“Because we’re not pregnant yet.” I responded.

“But we haven’t started trying yet.” He responded dryly.

“Butttt we’ve having unprotected sex and I’m 32 and maybe we should just make sure.”

“How about we try first and see what happens.” He then went back to his phone.

Lucky for him, he was saved from a trip to a doctor who might have used cold hands to see what Nunzio’s balls were up to. Because that week I started feeling weird, and just for shits and gigs, I took a pregnancy test to which 2 pink lines showed up.

We didn’t really have that usual reaction you see on TV, when the couple embrace in a hug and fall to the floor with rolling laughter and tears. Instead, when he walked through the door from work, I told him that we were pregnant to which he responded “cool.”

The point of me telling you all this is to explain that I am genuinely excited to be a mom.I have always wanted children, even at times I didn’t think I wanted to be married. However, being a nutritionist and fitness instructor, I also always thought that my pregnancy would somehow be one in which I would not really gain weight. Like obviously, I’d have the baby belly. But somehow also have high boobs and an ass that won’t quit. I did not see Triple D breasts and a soft, fat tummy in my future. I mean this is what I do for a living- I KNOW how to maintain and lose weight.  So, obviously, I could do the same during pregnancy. P.S. I think…just think..Nunz had a different idea since shortly after finding out I was pregnant, he rubbed his hands together like an evil villain and asked when I’d be craving nachos.

My expectations were just that because I’m in shape, I would be in shape throughout my whole pregnancy. I mean that makes sense right?

Well, my body had different plans. I knew I maybe didn’t look quite as fit as I did pre-pregnancy (I put all my cute crop tops away), but I didn’t think I was really gaining that much. My second visit to my midwife was a very rude awakening.

I should stop here to tell you as well, that I’m not really a cryer. I usually tend to cry more out of anger in the privacy of my own home..in the dark..where noone can see. When Nunzio proposed to me on our 4 year anniversary, I did not cry. When we got married and I listened to the vows he wrote to me, I did not cry. When I found out I was pregnant, no tears. I think the last time I got a good emotional cry was while watching The Time Traveler’s Wife. I mean you’re just dead inside if you watched that movie without tearing up.

That was until I faced the scale at my Midwife’s office. That’s right. The idea of holding my future child wasn’t enough to move me to tears; but seeing that I gained 13 pounds in my first trimester opened the flood gates. I couldn’t even believe how emotional it made me. It wasn’t even like I cried for a moment and let it go. Nope. I cried in the waiting room with my husband who had to console me (and probably re-visisted that “living with a lunatic” google search.) I then proceeded to go into my midwife’s office who asked me what was wrong, in which I responded something along the lines of me being fat and started bawling much like my child will do when it comes out of my womb. The tears would NOT stop.

My midwife calmed me down and told me that every woman is different and all that mattered was that I was healthy. God bless her, as I saw that she was trying to make me feel better. “THIS IS INSANE!” I protested. “Women aren’t supposed to gain this much!”

“Well, we usually suggest 1 pound a week…” she started.

“NOT IN THE FIRST TRIMESTER!” I responded through the snot running down my face.

“Well all that matters is that you are healthy, and not gaining the weight from junk food.” she responded. This only made me more upset, as I explained to her that I still exercise 5 days a week and have a balanced diet, except for the fact that I definitely eat a lot more carbs now. She and Nunzio had to reassure me that I needed to trust my body as long as I was being healthy. Finally my midwife looked me straight in the face and asked me what is what about this weight gain that upset me so much.

I had to actually think for a second. “Well….all the complications.I don’t want them! I don’t want to be fat!  I don’t want to worry about preeclampsia or gestational diabetes or the baby to be too big and have diabetes. And no matter what I’m doing the weight is just coming on…I have no control over it!” I responded.

She smiled warmly and assured me “That’s right, you cannot control it. All you can control is what you are eating and how you are taking care of yourself.” And you seem to be doing that, so just try and relax. Continue to take care of yourself.” She also assured me that many women who are used to being in shape and fit struggle, emotionally, with weight gain in pregnancy.

I relaxed… a little. Yes, I hadn’t been eating as clean as I normally did pre-pregnancy. I was definitely eating way more carbs, because for a few weeks that was the only thing that didn’t cause heartburn. But it wasn’t like I was going to the drive-thru every night. Plus, I’m still gluten-free so I’m still pretty mindful of what I put in my mouth. So maybe for some reason my body just needed this extra weight right now.

So I guess I sort of had a revelation. But, of course, just to be safe I weighed myself the next morning naked in which I was 4 pounds less than the scale at the office. Which also made me feel slightly better.

But since then I have been keeping a food journal to track what I’m eating and hold myself accountable. I stopped munching on breads and crackers because I no longer have terrible heartburn, so now i’m just doing it out of habit. I want to make sure I’m giving the baby all the nutrition that he needs, so I want to think about how the foods I eat will help or hurt the little nugget.

I have been tirelessly googling women who are going through what I am and did find some inspiring stories of women who basically gained 1 pound a week throughout their whole pregnancy but because they were active, they also seem to have lost it pretty quickly.

I thought to myself about all the women who must feel what I’m feeling. There’s so many of us out there who put so much pressure on that number on the scale and how our jeans are fitting (which by the way, if you are going through this DO NOT TRY TO FIT INTO YOUR OLD TIGHT CLOTHES it’ll only make you feel worse).

Yes, it feels great to put hard work in and reap the benefits of a good diet and lifestyle. But, maybe there’s a little too much pressure put on it, or maybe it’s just us that we are putting the pressure on ourselves. We claim it’s Hollywood because see Heidi Klum walk a runway 6 weeks after giving birth looking like she did nothing more then take a good dump. Stars are criticized when they (god forbid) get fat while pregnant and are subject to being on the cover of every STAR magazine with the headlines” 185 pounds and counting!”

It’s terrible. But really, noone put this pressure on us but ourselves. We can choose to ignore those articles and just focus on what our body needs to do. It can be really overwhelming, and more-so I imagine, for first-time moms. But we have to think about the bigger picture and why our body is putting on weight-to support a growing life!

I’m not claiming I have the answers, because I’m still working through all of this myself. But at least you other neurotic bitches know you’re not alone.



This photo is me at 21 weeks and 20 pounds later.



Is Fat Contagious?

4 Aug

Within the past several years, several studies have come out that prove that the micro-flora of healthy-weight individuals differs greatly from those of their obese counterparts. While most of these studies are done on mice, they show great promise. One recent study even showed that obesity…wait for it…could be contagious because of bad gut bacteria.

That’s right, in the same way you catch a cold from your germy co-workers, you may also get his or her weight problem.

In a recent study, researchers tested 2 groups of mice, one healthy group and one group engineered to have an immune deficiency disorder. The immune-deficient mice developed fatty liver disease and gained significant weight when fed a Western-style diet (aka SAD or Standard American diet), as may have been expected. However, when these mice were placed in the same cage as healthy mice, the healthy mice started to have symptoms of liver disease and increased weight gain. I want you to read that again, because I know I had to.

According to the Huffington post, the researchers reported that microbes in the stomachs of the mice were to blame. The immune-compromised group had dysbiosis, meaning their gut bacteria was out of balance.

According to study researcher Richard Flavell, a professor of immunobiology at Yale School of Medicine, “We normally live in symbiosis with the bacteria in our guts, but in the study, the number of “bad,” disease-associated bacteria increased 1,000-fold in mice with immune problems…we could make a mouse fatter just by putting it in the same cage as the other mouse.”

So what does this mean for those of us without furry little noses and paws? As of now, more research is needed to prove if this is the case in humans as well as mice, and it really opens the door to conversation about human health and the gut. We need to start thinking about the correlation between friends and family that are all overweight and why they share that common thread.

The good news is, or gross news however you choose to see it, is that mice eat each others poop which can lead to the transfer of bad bacteria. So as long as you don’t go digging in others toilets you should be OK.  However, we can’t rule out the results completely when it comes to humans. We don’t know if processed foods are contributing to dysbiosis of the gut as well, although I suspect it does.

So what can you do? Make sure you are getting your probiotics and prebiotics! Prebiotics are much easier to get in foods like onions and artichokes. Probiotics are a bit more challenging, but organic, plain yogurt can help a little. I don’t believe it’s significant enough get an unhealthy gut back to optimal health, but it can’t hurt. Instead, focus on also adding high quality probiotic supplements at least every other day. Look for Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium strains, which are the most researched.

The Crap People Tell You to Sell a Diet Book

9 Apr

Today I’m here to tell you that the Nutrition world is full of crap.


Back when I was in grad school, I took a mandatory class on recent nutrition trends. We poured through research on dietary approaches to common diseases and disorders such as diabetes, obesity and kidney disease, to name a few. While there are some diets, such as gluten-free for Celiac Disease, that are completely evidence-based, many other diets have no real concrete evidence of their efficacy.

There is nowhere more evident of this then when it comes to weight-loss. I did my end-of-semester research report comparing the Mediterranean diet, Standard American diet and a low-fat diet. It was truly overwhelming to see the data on these 3 diets, because depending on the research all 3 seemed to work in some way (although the Mediterranean seemed to be the winner for both diabetes and keeping weight off).

Every month thousands of self-proclaimed nutrition experts come out with books that promise you they’ve have the secret to weight-loss. You’ve got Paleo, Vegan, Skinny Bitch, Atkins, South Beach, Fasting Diet and that’s just a tiny, little tip of the iceberg.

The truth is, you will always hear about a new diet, and people will swear by each and every single one of them, different as they are. You’ll hear one friend say her ass has never looked better, and another say it’s never been fatter. You’ll have a group of people that form a Facebook group dedicated to the diet and seem to want to rip the (fatty) heart out of anyone who talks badly about it. Maybe they’re just hungry and angry.

Why is there so much confusion? Because no one in the nutrition world has a freakin’ clue as to why Americans are so fat and continue to be fatter. That’s the truth. We can blame decreased physical activity and increased processed foods, which no doubt contributes, but that’s not the whole picture. There is NO diet prescription other than to increase whole, real food and get rid of the food industries wet dream of you grabbing food that you can eat in minutes.

That’s the basis of most diets and that’s why THEY ALL WORK. Yes, they all work. But they don’t all work for everyone, because everyone is different. It’s my sole belief the some patients do better with a 40% carbohydrate diet, while others thrive off of a 60% carb diet. Some people can have a recommendation of one slice of dessert and that will satisfy their sweet tooth, while others cannot even look at chocolate or they will go into a binge frenzy.

The world of Nutritionists, Dietitians, Doctors, Chiropractors, and anyone else adding weight-loss to their practice, hasn’t figured out yet that everyone is different. I was introduced to this theory while attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and it’s a principle that has really stuck with me and helped me help my patients.

The core of my brand, Forever F.I.T. stands for “Focus with Intention and Transform”, because it’s you that will find which diet works best. When really commit to getting healthier, a strange thing happens; you get healthier.


“But where do I begin and what the hell am I supposed to eat?” is usually what I hear from patients. Well, this is why working one-on-one with someone is so important! You find what works for you, while getting some tough love on the bad habits you’ve been doing, and you get food education so you can begin to change your lifestyle. Working with an educated professional, and not someone who is a self-acclaimed nutrition “expert”, will really help you find your balance.


Stop falling for nutrition gimmicks, just get focused and be true to yourself about your level of commitment. Then come see me 😉

The Truth Shall Set You Free

24 Oct

When it comes to calories, that is!

If you’re like most people, you probably feel like your day is too busy to worry about what you’re going to eat.
 So you find yourself grabbing quick, easy and cheap foods to satisfy your hunger and move on. Unfortunately if you’re like most people, than you are also more likely to suffer from diabetes, obesity and heart disease. A big

contributing factor to these diseases is our lifestyle, including the large amounts of calories, fat and garbage we are putting into our mouth daily. I was once on the Standard American Diet (S.A.D). I would grab a coffee and muffin on the way to work, work through lunch, then have Chinese food for dinner. And all the while I remember regretting the foods after eating them, but rationalizing with myself that it can’t be “that” bad.

As you can see, I’ve since changed the way I eat and work everyday to improve the lifestyle of others to optimize their health. I know that these “foods” are doing a lot of damage (I use the term food loosely), but even I’m shocked to find out how bad they are.  As some of you may know, I work on a pregnancy study at Roosevelt hospital, where nutrition and exercise intervention is implemented to help pregnant women keep a healthy weight. This week we hosted a food lab in which we purchased many popular on-to-go food items and took them apart to analyze the true calorie count. This was something a Dietitian in our office had done many years ago, using weight as a predictor of calories.

I’ve complied a list below of the items and a quick run down of how we analyzed it. Put down the chopsticks and read on.

I) Breakfast Foods:

1. Corn Muffin: This was a regular corn muffin purchased at a local deli. Muffins are usually around 100 calories per ounce, and this baby was 5 ounces making it total in at 500 calories! I’m more concerned with the source of calories than the amount.  Muffins are usually loaded with white flour and sugar, making most of these calories come from refined carbs. There is barely a trace of any nutritional value and it will likely cause an insulin spike that will crash worse than the stock market did after the government shutdown.

2. Croissant: This was a plain croissant purchased from the same deli that I got the muffin from. It weighed about 3 ounces, adding up to about 330 calories. Again, we run into the issue of where the calories are coming from. You could have a 2 eggs sunny side up with whole grain toast and a cup of fruit for that many calories, but you’d be getting a lot of protein and vitamins. Croissants are mainly composed of unhealthy trans fat coming from margarine, Crisco or whatever cheap tubs of fat they have lying around. Remember, you are what you eat!

3. Bagel and Cream Cheese: Something you can hold with your hands and eat as you rush to get to work on time-no wonder this item is so popular during the morning rush! I hate to break this to you, but a New York bagel is close to eating 4 slices of wonder bread (approx. 320 calories). Plus there was about 3 Tbsp. of cream cheese, bringing the total to 470 calories. Don’t bother getting a whole-wheat bagel thinking it’s better. Whole-wheat bagels usually contain a tiny amount of whole-wheat flour and claim its whole grain. It’s a terrible choice either way.

II) Lunch Foods:

1. Tuna on Rye. I know you’re thinking that this one has to be healthy because it’s tuna, but don’t forget about the globs of mayo, oil and other hidden ingredients. This huge sandwich was about 10 ounces and about 800 calories! I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to waste 800 calories on a meal..it damn sure would be something better than tuna on rye.

2. Avocado and Watercress Turkey Wrap with a side of fries: Nutritionally, turkey is a great choice because of its high protein and low-fat content, and we all know avocado is a healthy fat. The problem is actually in the wrap and amount of avocado. We tend to think wraps are healthy. I’m not sure where this idea came from because typically wraps are more calories than 2 slices of bread. This wrap alone was 320 calories of the 785 calories in the wrap. Don’t let claims like “spinach wrap” fool you either. Also, there was way too much avocado. Oh, and those “side” fries amounted to about 2 cups and 760 calories (of mainly vegetable oil fat). If you ate the entire meal, you would have over 1500 calories!

III) Dinner Foods:

1. Pizza: I had to fight on a long line of hungry customers wanting something cheap and quick for lunch to get this slice. The greasy guy was about 6.5 ounces and about 530 calories. For one slice! Without nothing on it! Is your jaw dropped yet? Now if you’re ordering a pie for dinner, chances are you’re not stopping at one slice.

2. Chicken & Broccoli with rice: The fortune cookie should read ” You face a life of difficulty buttoning your pants if you keep eating this food.” We poured out the sauce from this popular meal and found 1/2 cup of sauce filled with ingredients we could only guess. Soy sauce, cornstarch, sugar and cheap oil are likely culprits. A half of cup, or 8 tablespoons, would then come out to about 640 calories. For the sauce, not the meal…you still with me? There was about 6 ounces of chicken and about 2 cups of broccoli, making it come in at 980 calories. Oh and that side of rice? It was about 2 cups worth coming in at 400 calories, meaning the meal is 1,380 calories. Only god (and the chef) knows how much sodium was in that meal.

stay clear of take out if you want a smaller waistline!

IV) Quick treats:

1. Black and White Cookie: This 5 oz sugar-loaded demon came in at about 700 calories.

2. Pound Cake: It looks so innocent without icing. But it’s 5 ounces weighs in at about 550 calories. Both items were purchased at a regular deli.

So what’s this all mean to you? How many of these foods are you truly eating a week? This is a very short list, but hopefully it gets you thinking about what is in the foods that you eat. Eating from home is always the best choice, but if that’s not possible make better choices. Have rice bowls instead of burritos, or turkey over quinoa instead of a turkey wrap. Oh, and if you’re wondering why those hours logged at the gym aren’t making a difference in your physique, take a look at the foods you’re eating!

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